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optometry patient reviewRecently, we enjoyed hearing from one of our patients, Dr. Graham, who wrote “This visit changed my LIFE!” Dr. Graham had the ClearPath screening last fall. He explained that his optometrist, Dr. Johnson, wanted to do a “new” test on his eyes. After learning the results of this ClearPath test, Dr. Johnson became concerned about the level of sugar accumulation in the lens of his eye. Dr. Graham also has a family history with diabetes and so he immediately made changes to avoid the same outcome.
After making dietary changes that included giving up cookies, ice cream, candy and other items high in added sugar, he lost 27 pounds. But the benefits were more than weight loss and included:

  • Better Sleep
  • Knee pain eliminated
  • Focus and concentration improved
  • Blood pressure medications reduced
  • Blood sugar highs and lows eliminated
  • More relaxed

Sugar and Eye Health Connection

What we know is that high levels of sugar accumulation in the lens of the eye is a risk factor for developing type 2 diabetes. This high accumulation can show on the Clearpath test up to seven years prior to any signs or symptoms of diabetes. Learning this risk factor now will allow our patients to make lifestyle changes avoiding future illness. Dr. Graham says “I thank Dr. Johnson every day for pointing this out to me so I could make the changes now.”
The Clearpath is a quick test that Piedmont EyeCare offers in our office and does not require a blood draw. We are one of the few offices in the area that offer this advanced technology.
Thank you Dr Graham, owner of Braces Plus in Wesley Chapel, for taking the time to share your amazing health journey!

At Piedmont EyeCare exceptional eye care is our vision!

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