5 Things You Can Do to Prevent Eye Injuries Due to Falls

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Everyone is susceptible to eye injuries no matter their age. However, older folks tend to be at a much higher risk of eye injuries for various reasons. The most common reason is from falling. An older person is more susceptible to trips and falls, and they usually hurt their eyes in the process. 

That said, whether it is you’re trying to help your aging parents or yourself, here are the things you can do to prevent eye injuries due to falls.

 1. Wear protective eyewear

While wearing protective eyewear will not help much during falls, it does help in other areas. For instance, whenever working with hazardous chemicals or flying debris, protective eyewear keeps your eyes safe from injuries. For that reason, if you handle anything that poses an injury risk to the eyes, always wear goggles.

 2. Eliminate tripping hazards

Tripping hazards are all around us, whether inside the home or outside. It could be anything from electrical cords to tree roots. With that in mind, take a look in and around your home for any tripping hazards. If you discover any, make sure you address them immediately.

For example, if you find any uneven flooring, you can have them flattened down. Generally, many of these hazards are easily addressed, such as putting non-slip pads under rugs. However, note that some issues, such as uneven flooring, may need expert work to eliminate effectively.

 3. Have your eyes checked regularly

In many cases, worsening vision is one of the biggest reasons an old person may trip and fall, hurting themselves in the process. If you are experiencing certain eye conditions, be sure to have it checked regularly. Plus, regular eye exams can help doctors catch potential problems early, allowing them to address the issue quickly and ensure that you enjoy good vision for many years to come.

 4. Implement grab bars around fall-prone areas

Sometimes, even areas that seem to be fall-free may be one of the most common places where trips occur. For instance, a bathroom is generally a common place where falls happen. This is because the floor can get wet, causing slips and slides. Consider installing grab bars around areas like these to add support when moving around in fall-prone areas.

 5. Install plenty of lights

Even with perfect vision, you will not be able to see anything in the dark. This also applies to low-lit areas where there may be hidden tripping hazards. For that reason, make sure your home is well lit. This makes the whole place much more comfortable to move in, making it a much safer space.


Keep in mind that eye injuries can never be eliminated entirely. That is because some happen naturally, while others can occur as an accident. Nevertheless, the tips above will reduce the chances of falls significantly. This will ensure that you will not find yourself seriously injured and protect your eyes from damages in case of a fall.

Also, the more tips you implement, the better, so try to apply as many of the above as possible. The more safety precautions you set, the safer your home will be, and the less likely you will find yourself getting hurt.

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